HUGH Roddin

Boxing gloves worn by Hugh Roddin at the 1908 Olympic Games

Gloves worn by Hugh Roddin at the 1908 Olympic Games.

Born in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, in 1886 Hugh Roddin was the first Scot to win an Olympic boxing medal, winning a featherweight bronze at the 1908 london Games.

The boxing gloves he wore in the competition were kept by his family and later presented to the boxing historian Brian Donaldson.

Back in 1988, shortly after my book The Fight Game in Scotland was published I received a letter from the US from a Navy officer who was directly related to Hugh Roddin. She informed me that the family were all thrilled their sporting ancestor had been rescued from obscurity by my book. Following a cross-nation conference call the US-based Roddins decided that they wanted me to have the gloves that Hugh wore when he won the featherweight bronze in 1908.

Brian Donald (2019)
Ian Mackintosh (Tales from the Ring Project Officer) with Hugh Roddin’s gloves, loaned by the Donald family to the Tales from the Ring exhibition.
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